Micro-algae Project: Nannochloropsis

Our algae project consists of:

– 5 Ha algae farm in South East Queensland;

– Processing plant to extract and package substantial amounts of EPA Oil and

The micro-alga that will grow in our farm is called Nannochloropsis. We chose this alga because it contains valuable amounts of high purity EPA Oil, proteins and Astaxantin with traces of all vitamins, minerals and life-essential amino-acids.

EPA oil is a polyunsaturated oil contained in Omega-3 oil products. Actually, the major source of Omega-3 is the Antarctic Krill, a crustacean that cannot be fished forever.

Algal proteins (and eventually algal polysaccharides) have a great nutritional value as food in human and animal nutrition.     

Astaxanthin is a costly keto-carotenoid with anti-oxidant power. In nature, it can be extracted only from crustaceans and micro-algae.  

The production model has been consolidated along many years of R & D  by the University Of Queensland, which -in case of successful funding- will advise at technical and scientific level our management during the day by day operation of the first plant.

The supremacy of this model, compared to others  is based on the following key features: simple and straightforward plant design, low maintenance, exploits the  availability of affordable lands with enough water where finding thes elands is not a too costly or complex process, exploits  the availability of sunshine weather for more than 300 days a year, highly automated production process that minimizes the human factor risk and scientific skills required, algae strains genetically selected  to maximize production in an Australian environment. 

Both Nannochloropsis and its derivatives are in high market demand. 

If you are interested to participate in this project as investors, suppliers or buyers, please contact marco@aussiepharma.com.au to know more.