About Us

Aussie Pharma Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Aussie Pharma specializes in food supplements and complimentary medicines  that improve cellular health and energy levels. 

The first users of our products is us  because we strongly believe in the cost-efficiency and quality of what we have made for everyone.

Collaterally to the research, development and distribution development of new health products, Aussie Pharma is in the initial funding stage of a substantial project. This project includes the development of a 5 hectares micro-algae farm and an EPA oil and proteins extraction plant in South-East Queensland.  

A message from the CEO and Founder, Mr Marco Conti:

On my first day of university, I attended my first lesson of  Business Economics. I saw an old man with white hair at the centre of the room with a microphone in one of his hands. The old man said: “I am Prof Masini and I am your teacher. This lesson is very important because what you will learn today is something  that you will remember for all your life. We are at Bocconi University. As well as Harvard in the US we eventually represent  the gotha of  capitalism in Europe and I know that many of you are sons and daughters of very wealthy parents; therefore you may think to be in front of an old crazy man after the words that I will tell you: “Profit loses any importance and corporations lose their scope of being if we lose our humanity and business processes are not scoped to achieve the mankind’s superior well-being. A good entrepreneur will put humanity at top of his priorities while being able to make ethical profits with the means that are available. This is what an old professor of economics believes after many years of thinking”.  Well, in my life I never forgot that lesson which made my life sometimes very challenging.  great innovations are many but the most of times they lie in the obscurity of absolute disinterest. It is the illuminated man who sees them and dares of their own to make them shine in front of everyone. I spent several nights discussing  for hours and hours about cancer biochemistry with Prof Cavalieri and Prof Rogan. At the end of our long speeches, I thought it was compelling to create an appropriate  commercial vehicle -Aussie Pharma- to make sure that the greatest invention of this century will be known and used by as many as possible people who are still healthy. 

“The well-being of workers and all people more in general is the necessary foundation to build successful enterprises and whole nations”        

Marco Conti, BA Economics & Commerce (Hons) – CEO

Marco graduated in Economics and Commerce at Bocconi University, Milan in 1984.
With international experience In Information Technology, Energy, Biotechnology and Applied Science for over 20 years, in Australia Marco served as a board director and CTO, CIO and CEO for some of the best names in the field of government and corporate finance. Marco is a Rotarian and a passionate in Diseases Smart Prevention.

Write to the CEO: info@aussiepharma.com.au 

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