Aussie Pharma Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Brisbane Queensland. 

Aussie Pharma is a growing, ethical organisation.

Aussie Pharma specialises in food supplements and complimentary medicines  based on natural molecules that improve cellular health and energy levels.  

Our core product is ResverACā„¢, an innovation  born from the the public research about the biochemical origin and prevention of the estrogen initiated  cancers  carried on by E. Cavalieri and E. Rogan along many years of DoD co-funded research. Read more…

Acetrolā„¢ (Panaxoside) is a high concentration extract from Panax Ginseng. Results are immediate or almost immediate in terms of augmented endurance and feeling of well-being. Read more…

We personally use our products as we strongly believe in the cost-efficiency and quality of what we have produced for the market.