Cancer Initiation and Prevention. Prof E Cavalieri and Prof E Rogan Discoveries Explained (Basic Explanation)

Cancer Initiation and Prevention. Prof E Cavalieri and Prof E Rogan Discoveries Explained (Basic Explanation)

Prof Ercole Cavalieri and Prof Eleanor Rogan discovered that under certain circumstances the Benzene rings contained in Estrone, Estradiol and Dopamine produced a group of molecules called 3,4 Catechol Quinones. 3,4 Cathecol Quinones reacted with the DNA forming a new group of molecules that Cavalieri and Rogan called ‘depurinating adducts”. The depurinating adducts remove the so called purines (Adenine and Guanine) from the DNA. The progressive depletion of these important DNA components leads to genetic mutations associated to cancer.

Cavalieri and Rogan analysed different types of major cancers: Breast, Ovarian, Thyroid Gland, Prostate and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. All cancers had in common the same biochemical process resulting in the DNA depurination. This was Cavalieri and Rogan Team’s first and great discovery because for the first time in history, they explained and documented one major biochemical process that can initiate cancer starting from estrogens and/or dopamine.

A second great discovery was an algorithm associated to a spectroscopy process to test urine for DNA adducts.  By this testing method someone knows if they have a normal biochemical profile or if they are at risk of mutation and even if they have already an estrogen initiated cancer. 

The third discovery was that a combination of N-Acetylcysteine with at least one of the following substances: Resveratrol, Melatonin and Alpha-Lipoic Acid produced the inhibition of DNA depurinating adducts. 

Now let’s start thinking about what all above means for us.

One first thing we understand is that in absence of extraordinary conditions such radioactive contamination, oncoviruses or direct contact with certain known chemicals (e.g. alkyls, nitrites, asbestos) that act through different biochemical mechanisms, very common cancers need something wrong in the estrogen, estradiol or dopamine metabolic processes to initiate. We do not know the specific root causes at the base of this type of dysmetabolism but we know how to stop its most nefarious consequences by preventing the formation of DNA depurinating adducts. The most effective combination of ingredients that has been experimented by Cavalieri and Rogan is N-Acetylcysteine and Resveratrol. 

One big dilemma in preventative medicine is represented by the doubt about the efficacy of preventative drugs. Fortunately, the new urine test invented by Cavalieri and Rogan will hit 40 nations along 2016-2017 so everyone will be able to determine their DNA adducts profile and how it varies along the time.

Some further notes must be added for the beginner, just not to jump to wrong conclusions. I took many hours of careful reading and I spent many nights talking to Ercole who is an exceptional man and scientist born in my same city, Milan, Italy. I also spoke to Eleanor who is another top class scientist. I summarise in points the most relevant facts.

  • Cavalieri-Rogan’s research evolved along more than 10 years
  • Preventing the formation of DNA adducts does not necessarily mean also treating or curing cancer because the research of Cavalieri-Rogan focuses on prevention, not cure. Taking n-Acetylcysteine and Resveratrol while someone has an active cancer has not been studied. One study on a mutant mouse model showed accelerated cancer progression in cancer mice treated with N-Acetylcysteine. However, this study has no significance because a mutant mouse is different from a human and we know that at least two terminal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patients reported to have completely healed within six month after using a combination of N-acetylcysteine, Resveratrol and D3 Vitamin. One terminal patient affected by metastatic Pancreas and Liver cancer who experimented N-acetylcysteine and Resveratrol neither healed nor worsened. A Parkinson patient who used N-acetylcysteine and Resveratrol for 100 days reported to be tremor free for three weeks in which he did not have any intake of Dopamine. However, all these cases are not scientifically documented, they are not enough to create a credible case and more official research should be done before forming any opinion.
  • A very important finding of Cavalieri-Rogan is the presence up to 30 times higher than normal of 3,4 Catechol Quinones in the breast tissue of women who had breast cancer surgery. This is information has an “explosive” logical consequence: whatever type of cellular poison can be injected in a woman who successfully underwent breast or ovarian surgery, the poison will not remove any 3,4 Catechol Quinones: therefore, the DNA damage on the residual healthy cells will keep on occurring at an accelerated rate unless something is able to stop  the process that leads to the formation of 3,4 Catechol Quinones or something else inhibits the depurinating adducts. Cavalieri-Rogan showed the practical way of preventing further DNA damage.
  • At the dosages experimented by Cavalieri-Rogan, women who underwent breast cancer surgery halved the DNA adducts in two months’ time. In the following months the DNA adducts number decreased till similar to the one of healthy women.
  • N-acetylcisteine is always a fundamental ingredient in Cavalieri-Rogan’s original formula. Resveratrol is the most effective of the complimentary ingredients. No studies were done combining all four ingredients individually tested by Cavalieri-Rogan. N-Acetylcysteine and Resveratrol below 98% purity grade do not work.
  • N-Acetylcisteine is very important because it is absorbed at cellular level and it turns into Cysteine, which is an amino-acid that may be in defect inside the cells where Glutamic Acid and Glycine are always abundant resources.  The combination of these three amino-acids leads to the formation of an important anti-oxidant that must be produced inside the cells to be effective: Glutathione. The addition of Resveratrol creates a unique biochemical environment that protects the DNA from depurination.
  • Dopamine works differently from Estrogen and Estradiol. We can find Dopamine in dopaminergic neurons and adrenal glands. Cavalieri-Rogan found that in an acid PH environment  Dopamine creates 3,4 Catechol Quinones; therefore, Cavalieri-Rogan make the hypothesis that one way to prevent Parkinson and eventually Alzheimer is preventing the DNA depurinating adducts. Another way is correcting the micro-acidity needed by the biochemical reaction to occur.
  • The health and financial impact of Cavalieri-Rogan discoveries is immense because a prevention campaign based on the administration of N-acetylcysteine and Resveratrol to the population of industrialised nations would dramatically reduce the incidence of many invasive cancers in absence of a substantial increase of other known cancer risk factors such: ionising radiation, oncoviruses, environmental alkyls, nitrites and asbestos. The impact could be relevant also in regard to Parkinson and maybe Alzheimer. Then, the possible correlation between DNA adducts and other type of diseases is unknown. The long-term health benefit of the pair N-acetylcysteine and Resveratrol may be even bigger.

Disclaimer: ResverAC™ is a product for export markets that did not undergo any efficacy testing at TGA. ResverAC™ does not make any claim about preventing, curing or treating any disease. ResverAC™ claims to generically deliver antioxidant action and the known benefits of D3 Vitamin. The scope of the information contained in this blog is uniquely aiming to the diffusion of more scientific knowledge about the estrogen initiated cancers according to Cavalieri-Rogan’s DOD co-funded research. Every reader should have a critic approach to all what we report in our blogs. We invite our readers to read more, and independently develop their own opinions on such fascinating matter that has seen many thousand doctors and scientists researching over the centuries in their quest to understand cancer.