Ginseng, Panaxoside and Ginsenosides

Panax Ginseng was discovered in Manchuria, China, 5,000 years ago. Initially, it was most likely used as a food.

Following its discovery, Panax Ginseng quickly established its reputation in Chinese medicine and outside China as a rejuvenating and strength enhancing food supplement.

Panaxoside is a natural extract from Panax Ginseng. 

The production cycle of Panaxoside is simple. It implies maceration in an alcoholic solution and then filtration and evaporation of the extract. There are different grades of purity for all Panaxosides: 80% is the highest grade which is commercially available in food supplements. The residual 20% is technically a Ginseng extract with purity below 80%.

Panaxoside contains a mix of many Ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are the true active ingredients of Panax Ginseng.

The types and amounts of Ginsenosides  contained in Ginseng extracts may vary. The parts of the plant used in the extract preparation and also the species of Ginseng determine the ratios and concentrations of actives.

Many independent researchers investigated some of the Panax Ginseng’s active ingredients’ most acclaimed, alleged health benefits. Studies are of public domain and they can be simply retrieved by using Google.  

We list some claims that impressed us more:

  • increased metabolism and endurance without introducing any risk factor.
  • had a positive effect in the prevention and cure of myocardial infarction and strokes.
  • improved the differentiation of neural cells.
  • improved cells’ resistance to the penetration of certain viruses.
  • reduced alcohol blood levels.
  • reduced gastric, intestine, liver and lung cancer cells.
  • improved gut’s bacteria activity.

In a murine study scoped to determine the safety and efficacy of Panaxoside, researchers determined that in the very short-term, 20mg/Kg body weight did not sort out any measurable results. 50mg/Kg produced measurable results and 100mg/Kg caused haematuria.

I am a long-term user of Panaxoside 80%. I believe to receive a great health benefit from this herbal extract. I found extremely safe and effective a  low dosage of 7mg/ body weight, occasionally, 14-20 mg/Kg body weight. I usually take Panaxoside in the morning and one hour before training with weights or playing squash. A friend of mine -who is a strong Maori squash player- wanted to try my Panaxoside. He felt so better that Panaxoside supplementation immediately became a must have also for him before all training sessions and matches.

While we find very interesting certain studies as a starting point for a discussion and more research, we invite our readers not to take every researchers’ claims as true because no studies on Ginseng and its extracts have ever been evaluated within an approved legal framework. The personal experiences of few people cannot represent any therapeutic indication or recommendation. Therefore, every claim must be independently verified and everyone should make their own investigation before taking the risk  of using Panax Ginseng extracts. 

Marco Conti