Cavalieri-Rogan: Selected Publications

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Cavalieri-Rogan’s studies have the potential to induce a Copernican revolution in matter of cancer prevention and diagnosis along next 20 years. 

This is the list of selected publications by Cavalieri-Rogan along many years of research on estrogens initiated cancers and dopamine as the initiator of Parkinson disease.

The research explains:

  1. How certain major human cancers (Breast, Ovary, Thyroid, Prostate and Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)  are initiated by DNA Adducts formed by 3,4 Catechol Quinones as the by-products of estrogens’ dysmetabolisms.
  2. How Parkinson Disease may be initiated by DNA Adducts as the by-products of a Dopamine transformation that generates 3,4 Catechol Quinones in acid PH.
  3. Biochemical prevention of the initiation mechanism of estrogens initiated cancer and Parkinson through the combination of certain natural molecules (Acetylcysteine, Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Melatonin) and their inhibition properties in in vitro and in vivo experiments.
  4. Cancer biomarkers: how to identify and measure them. An algorithm to evaluate their significance as indicators of cancer risk.    

Selected Publications:

·        Muran, P., Muran, S., Beseler, C.L., Cavalieri, E.L., Rogan, E.G. and Zahid, M. Breast health and reducing breast cancer risk, a functional medicine approach. J. Altern. Complement. Med., 21: 321-326 (2015).

·        Cavalieri, E. and Rogan, E. The molecular etiology and prevention of estrogen-initiated cancers. Mol. Aspects Med., 36: 1-55 (2014).

·        Zahid, M., Beseler, C.L., Hall, J.B., LeVan, T., Cavalieri, E.L. and Rogan, E.G. Unbalanced estrogen metabolism in ovarian cancer. Int. J. Cancer, 134: 2414-2423 (2014).

·        Zahid, M., Goldner, W., Beseler, C.L., Rogan, E.G. and Cavalieri, E.L. Unbalanced estrogen metabolism in thyroid cancer. Int. J. Cancer, 133: 2642-2649 (2013).

·        Cavalieri, E.L. and Rogan, E.G. The etiology and prevention of breast cancer. Drug Discov. Today: Dis. Mech. 9: e55-e69 (2012).

·        Pruthi, S., Yang, L., Sandhu, N.P., Ingle, J.N., Beseler, C.L., Suman, V.J., Cavalieri, E.L. and Rogan, E.G. Evaluation of serum estrogen-DNA adducts as potential biomarkers for breast cancer risk. J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol. 132: 73-79 (2012).

·         Cavalieri, E., Saeed, M., Zahid, M., Cassada, D., Snow, D., Miljkovic, M. and Rogan, E. Mechanism of DNA depurination by carcinogens in relation to cancer initiation. IUBMB Life, 64: 169-179 (2012).

·        Hinrichs, B., Zahid, M., Saeed, M., Ali, M.F., Cavalieri, E.L. and Rogan, E.G. Formation of diethylstilbestrol-DNA adducts in human breast epithelial cells and inhibition by resveratrol. J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biology, 127: 276-281 (2011).

·        Zahid, M., Saeed, M., Yang, L., Beseler, C., Rogan, E. and Cavalieri, E. Formation of dopamine quinone-DNA adducts and their potential role in the etiology of Parkinson’s disease. IUBMB Life, 63: 1087-1093 (2011).

·        Gaikwad, N., Murman, D., Beseler, C., Zahid, M., Rogan, E. and Cavalieri, E. Imbalanced estrogen metabolism in the brain: Its relevance to the etiology of Parkinson’s disease. Biomarkers, 16: 434-444 (2011).

·        Cavalieri, E. and Rogan, E. Unbalanced metabolism of endogenous estrogens in the etiology and prevention of human cancer. J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol., 125: 169-180 (2011).

·        M. Zahid, M. Saeed, C. Beseler, E.G. Rogan and E.L. Cavalieri. Resveratrol and N-acetylcysteine block the cancer-initiating step in MCF-10F cells. Free Radic. Biol. Med., 50: 78-85 (2011).

·        M. Zahid, M. Saeed, M.F. Ali, E.G. Rogan, and E.L. Cavalieri. N-acetylcysteine blocks formation of cancer-initiating estrogen-DNA adducts in cells. Free Radic. Biol. Med., 49: 392-400 (2010). PMCID: PMC2900421

·        E.L. Cavalieri and E.G. Rogan. The etiology and prevention of breast and other human cancers. Future Oncology, 6: 75-91 (2010).

·        L. Yang, N. Gaikwad, J. Meza, E. Cavalieri, P. Muti, B. Trock and E. Rogan. Novel biomarkers for risk of prostate cancer. Results from a case-control study. Prostate, 69: 41-48 (2009). PMCID2588647

·        M. Saeed, E. Rogan and E. Cavalieri. Mechanism of metabolic activation and DNA adduct formation by the human carcinogen diethylstilbestrol: The defining link to natural estrogens. Int. J. Cancer, 124: 1276-1284 (2009). PMCID2814601

·        M. Zahid, N.W. Gaikwad, M.F. Ali, F. Lu, M. Saeed, L. Yang, E.G. Rogan and E.L. Cavalieri. Prevention of estrogen-DNA adduct formation in MCF-10F cells by resveratrol. Free Radic. Biol. Med., 45: 136-145 (2008). PMCID2494714

·        D. Venugopal, M. Zahid, P.C. Mailander, J.L. Meza, E.G. Rogan, E.L. Cavalieri and D. Chakravarti. Reduction of estrogen-induced transformation of mouse mammary epithelial cells by N-acetylcysteine. J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol., 109: 22-30 (2008). PMCID2722841

·        N.W. Gaikwad, L. Yang, M. Zahid, S. Pruthi, J. Ingle, P. Muti, J. Meza, E.G. Rogan and E.L. Cavalieri. The molecular etiology of breast cancer: Evidence from biomarkers of risk. Int. J. Cancer, 122: 1949-1957 (2008).

·        N.W. Gaikwad, L Yang, S. Pruthi, J.N. Ingle, N. Sandhu, E. Rogan and E. Cavalieri. Urine biomarkers of risk in the molecular etiology of breast cancer. Breast Cancer: Basic & Clinical Research, 3: 1-8 (2008).

·        F. Lu, M. Zahid, C. Wang, M. Saeed, E.L. Cavalieri and E.G. Rogan. Resveratrol prevents estrogen-DNA adduct formation and neoplastic transformation in MCF-10F cells. Cancer Prev. Res., 1: 135-145 (2008).

·        M. Zahid, N. Gaikwad, E.G. Rogan and E.L. Cavalieri. Inhibition of depurinating estrogen-DNA adducts formation by natural compounds. Chem. Res. Toxicol., 20: 1947-1953 (2007).

·         Y. Markushin, N. Gaikwad, H. Zhang, E. Rogan, E. Cavalieri, B. Trock, C. Pavlovich, and R. Jankowiak. Potential biomarker for early risk assessment of prostate cancer, Prostate, 66: 1565-1571 (2006).E.G. Rogan, A.F. Badawi, P.D. Devanesan, J.L. Meza, J.A. Edney, W.W. West, S.M. Higginbotham, and E.L. Cavalieri. Relative imbalances in estrogen metabolism and conjugation in breast tissue of women with carcinoma: Potential biomarkers of susceptibility to cancer. Carcinogenesis, 24: 697-702 (2003).

·        D. Chakravarti, P. Mailander, K.-M. Li, S. Higginbotham, H. Zhang, M.L. Gross, E. Cavalieri, and E. Rogan. Evidence that a burst of DNA depurination in SENCAR mouse skin induces error-prone repair and form mutations in the H-ras gene. Oncogene, 20: 7945-7953 (2001).

Marco Conti